Dance in Transit: Katherine Dunham on Tour at Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black

We are excited to participate in this year's Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black conference at the University of Maryland. In this presentation, we will show new visualizations generated from a core data set of daily travel collected from primary resources documenting Katherine Dunham’s whereabouts from 1950-1953. Following Katherine McKittrick, we focus on making Dunham's “geographies of the everyday” visible (2006, 21).

Dance in Transit data visualization showing light spots on a dark map indicating Katherine Dunham's touring locations

Toward a Politics of Dance’s Everyday: Katherine Dunham on Tour, 1950-53

Join us at the 2018 International Federation for Theatre Research conference in Belgrade! What we are presenting at comes at the end of our pilot project, Dance in Transit (funded by BETHA, 2016-18) and just as we begin Dunham’s Data: Katherine Dunham and Digital Methods for Dance Historical Inquiry (funded by AHRC, 2018-21). These projects extend our work on the geography and networks of historical dance touring and transmission (see Bench and Elswit, 2016), through the exemplary case study of African American choreographer Katherine Dunham (1909-2006).