Dance in Transit: Presentations

Kate Elswit and Harmony Bench will be presenting “Digital Methods for Dance Studies” at the annual Dance Studies Association (formerly SDHS and CORD) conference on October 20th. Building from our project Dance in Transit, this presentation focuses on the ways in which data analysis and digital mapping can be used to explore dynamics of touring and travel, and ultimately extend our capacity to place individual performances and audiences within larger performance ecosystems and global networks of touring. On November 1, Harmony will present “On the Rails: A Data Visualization Approach to 20th Century Dance Touring” at UC Riverside as part of their Intersections of Art, Technology, and Society series and Dance Studies Colloquium. She will talk about the impact of changing transportation infrastructures, particularly the rise and decline of railroads in the U.S., on dance touring and audience access.

Earlier this year, Kate and Harmony spoke on Dance in Transit at the Dance Fields conference at the University of Roehampton, and Kate also gave talks at the Dance Studies Working Group at UC Berkeley, as well as at the Center for Global Theatre History at the Ludwig Maximillians Universität Munich (Germany). 

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