Dance in Transit: Katherine Dunham on Tour at Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black

We are excited to participate in this year's Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black conference at the University of Maryland. In this presentation, we will show new visualizations generated from a core data set of daily travel collected from primary resources documenting Katherine Dunham’s whereabouts from 1950-1953. Following Katherine McKittrick, we focus on making Dunham's “geographies of the everyday” visible (2006, 21). We are interested in exploring large scales of movement in terms of the daily experiences and practices from which they are constituted, with specific attention to the financial precarity and bodily wear and tear that Dunham's nearly constant touring and intensive performance schedule imply. Our inquiry is shaped not only by data visualization and analysis, but also dance studies, critical race theory, digital cultural studies, geohumanities, and critical data studies as we seek to bring into focus the strategies and implications of Dunham’s geographic, political, and artistic movements.


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